Lawn Furnishings and Statuary
This Classic, 'Old World' mold of Adrienne is holding a jug that can be plumbed to pour water into your pond, pool or fountain! She's over 3' Tall and is distinctively beautiful and ancient-looking! She will make a wonderful lawn ornament for your home or garden. It's a 100% solid concrete statue. This concrete mold is handcast using only the finest ingredients. It is made in the USA and will last for years and years with proper care even in the coldest winters! Her vintage look and classic style is a plus to any area and adds a charming focal point.

Measurements: 3' Tall

Price: $58.00 UNPAINTED and UNPLUMBED!
          +add $20 for painted or 
          +$10.00 for dry brushed as shown
          +$15.00 tubing for Water Feature
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