Rabbit, Standing Jackrabbit
Although covered in latex, this is one of the first sculptures I ever did. You can just barely make out his precious face as the mold-making begins.

He stands a tad over 2' tall and he's got personality personified! More photos will follow.
On the right is the back of one of the angels finished earlier this year for my church. I love the little foot and toes!  Just below is one of the faces, not quite finished and still needing some finishing touches plus a bit of TLC.
This little guy is being sculpted in clay and will be available for concrete production next year. He has angel wings and will be the perfect way to remember your favorite pet in a memorial. Or place him any where in the garden you might like to have a little puppy friend hanging out!
 The photos below, show both of the Cheribim atop the replica of the Ark of the Covenant at my church. Pastor Randy Brooks did a fabulous job of designing and building these beautiful replicas. The cheribim are now shown cast in a polyresin and painted in gold leaf. They were an awesome sight and I pray the Lord was glorified.
This is an old tin roof bird house I made and to the right, a potting bench featuring an old window. I've made and sold my fair share of these and I really enjoy putting them together!
I just had to include some of the beautiful concrete pieces on this page! Be sure to visit the photo gallery to see some of the other ornamental concrete accessories!

The cross was poured in concrete then the stained glass mosaic pieces were grouted in place. A South GA Church received this one.
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This is an example of some of my painted work done a few years back. The reopening of our sites will have similar paintings available soon. I hope to use my painting gift, and other work I do, to again benefit Christian missions and outreach for our local community.  

God bless each and every one of you.
Below are some of the "artsy and whimsical" canvas eye-glass cases done a few years ago. These were lined so your glasses wouldn't get scratched and were so fun to paint! Look for more little gifts like these on our new site!
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Bird Baths, Planters,
and Statues Below 

Reopening Soon!
Whether you're looking for unique Farm House furnishings and accessories or shabby chic and a wee bit eclectic.... I hope this site soon becomes a favorite place to visit!
After being absent from the artsy life of wacky design and creation for a long time, I'm very much looking forward to once again working with friends and clients! I really miss sharing that cup of coffee over a few good belly laughs while exchanging stories and making memories!

I've relocated to the Lake Allatoona area in Acworth, GA
Our new market will be opening in early Spring of 2020!