Rabbit, Standing Jackrabbit
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Whether you're looking for unique Farm House furnishings and garden accessories or shabby chic and a wee bit eclectic.... I hope this site soon becomes a favorite place to visit and shop! Contact Info will again be posted once a Reopen Date is decided upon.

I am a Southern artist who caters to local Metro Atlanta Residents and Small Retail Businesses alike. Pick-up is preferred, although I sometimes deliver for an additional fee as my schedule permits. At this time, shipping is not an option but it's being considered in light of the restricted interaction we're experiencing.

Once opened, photos of available items will be uploaded weekly with SRP. Some art mediums naturally  lend themselves to 'production methods' and will be available again to both the Retail and Wholesale Markets. Wholesale Buyers will be asked to register their business information and will then have password access to online Discounted and Minimum Purchase Offers.  Keeping in mind that I work alone for the most part, my inventory will always be limited in size yet chock-full of character and appeal!

Currently, this page features a mix of items that have been client favorites in the past and is representative of my style and choice of mediums. Just prior to our reopening, photos of my new items will be uploaded. 

After being absent from the artsy life of design and creation for nearly a decade, I'm very much looking forward to once again working with Buyers, dealers, decorators and friends I haven't met yet! My prices have always been within range for most and I will keep them that way! My art pieces are styled for the comfortable Southern homes and casual gardens so known for their hospitality and flavor! My work has proven to be highly successful in our local
Gift Shops, Florists, Boutiques and Antique Malls.

I've relocated to the Lake Allatoona area in Acworth, GA and will be open by appointment one - two days a week for visitors to come by, share a cup of coffee and enjoy a chat! I'm excitedly looking forward to working again and hope to see you soon!

​"Be sure of one thing... there's always something
going on around here on the Homestead"!
Although covered in latex, this is one of the first sculptures I ever did. You can just barely make out his precious face as the mold-making begins.

He stands a tad over 2' tall and he's got personality personified! More photos will follow.
This is an old tin roof bird house I made and to the right, a potting bench featuring an old window. I've made and sold my fair share of these and I really enjoy putting them together!
I just had to include some of the beautiful concrete
pieces on this page! Be sure to visit the photo links on the left to see more ornamental concrete accessories, statues, planters and bird baths!
This little guy is being sculpted in clay and will be available for concrete production next year. He has angel wings and will be the perfect way to remember your favorite pet in a memorial. Or place him any where in the garden you might like to have a little puppy friend hanging out!
The cross was first poured in concrete then the stained glass mosaic pieces were cut to fit and grouted in place.  A South GA Church received this one. It stands almost 24" high.
This is an example of some of my painted work doneover the years. All of these pieces have long since been sold. 

The reopening of our Market and online site will have similar paintings available. 
These little bowls were thrown on my wheel, painted and given as gifts at church. I think there were 150 or so!
Concrete Lawn Ornaments
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*Due to Disruption of Life in 2020*
We've Indefinitely Postponed any ReOpening.
No Further Information is Available.
As a follower of Jesus Christ, or Yeshua our Messiah, his Hebrew name, there is an urgent call going out today from Heaven to build our relationship with The GOD of all creation, both visible and invisible.

The Word says that when darkness increases, righteousness shall increase even more. Today we see the corrupt deeds of wicked men doing unspeakable evil. In a quiet move, GODs righteous ones are increasing even more in their faith and love towards Him. I pray you and your house do not miss this great infilling from The Holy Spirit.

In the 1960s, there was a wonderful move of GOD that started some to begin seeking The TRUE Faith once delivered by our Savior. This faith encompasses The WHOLE Bible. This faith knows that Jesus is GOD in the flesh and came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel just as He said in Matthew 15:24. Who are these 'lost sheep'? 

These 'lost' sheep are being awakened to their true identity - Spiritual Israel - those that accept with their whole heart the Passover Lamb of GOD. These believers are grafted in to the True Root. There is no more Jew nor Gentile, free or bond, male or female, we are ONE in the Body of Yeshua as He taught His disciiples that last night in John 15.

This is what Paul meant in Romans 11 by the Gentiles being “grafted” into the “olive tree” and nourished by the “root”. We are saved by Grace through Faith in Jesus. We hold tight to our Blood-bought salvation as we 'work out own salvation with fear and trembling' as Paul taught in Philippians 2:12. 

We focus on our daily walk with Christ as we learn there is nothing more important in this life. We seek to produce good fruits as we follow The Way of Yeshua. Rather than seeking treasure here on earth, we desire to build up our treasures in Heaven for His glory. 

This Awakening is a call to repent, examine yourself, study The Word, and fellowship with one another as we grow in His Spirit and in The Truth. Jesus of Nazareth is THE LIVING WORD as John teaches in John 1:1-3.

The LIVING GOD is inviting you to come near Him and learn His Ways. If your soul is hungry and wanting a deeper relationship with Jesus, the time is now. If you've gotten away from your faith, repent and come back to The One Who died for you and I both. Today is the day. Now is the time. Bow your head and speak to Him as you'd speak to someone right there with you. He knows your heart. He hears your voice. He loves you. Ask Him to come in to your life and make you whole. To forgive you and teach you how to walk out your life in glory and honor to Him. You will be changed!

The link to my main site is SaltySpirit.com. It's still in maintenance, but every day new pages are being uploaded. Thank you for reading! GOD bless and keep you and yours.